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13/01/2017 Fakten

Q²M Preserve tested

One of our UK distributors, are working on getting their '83 VW Mk1 Golf Gti in shape, what gave them the perfect chance to try the new Gyeon Q²M Preserve trim dressing. As we say, the product is a simple and quick way to restore lightly faded trim parts and preserve all others for a long time. Quoting the guys @ CleanYourCar: "Straight out of the bottle i'm sure you will agree, the finish was pretty incredible and it's really brought the Golfs original 33 year old vinyl finish back to life. With the added benefits of having excellent dirt repellency, Anti Static & UV protection it looks like GYEON quartz have nailed it again with this"

Unser Vertriebsnetzwerk rund um den Globus

& Detailer

Unser weltweites Vertriebs- und Detailing-Netzwerk besteht aus führenden Großhändlern im Fahrzeugpflegesektor sowie hoch angesehenen Detailing-Experten, die über Kompetenzen im Bereich modernster Technologien verfügen.