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24/10/2016 Fakten


We've been asked many time, what the term glass coating means. It's apropriate for all real SiO2 coatings, like Q2Prime, Q2 Mohs or Mohs+. As shown on the picture of fully cured and hardened Q²Prime, after all solvents and additives evaporate, pure, hard glass remains on your paintwork, protecting it against chemicals, UV-rays, road salt or other enviromental factors. It's the best protection for automotive paintwork.

Unser Vertriebsnetzwerk rund um den Globus

& Detailer

Unser weltweites Vertriebs- und Detailing-Netzwerk besteht aus führenden Großhändlern im Fahrzeugpflegesektor sowie hoch angesehenen Detailing-Experten, die über Kompetenzen im Bereich modernster Technologien verfügen.